• We take your child’s Health & Safety very seriously and will have a dedicated Order of Malta team on hand to deal with any injuries that might occur on the day.

• All children must be accompanied by an Adult at all times on-site. While adults won't be able to physically get in and help their child, there is full spectator access, allowing parents to follow their child's progress around the course as a spectator.

• For your child/children to participate, you must print and sign one Waiver Form per child in advance of the event and bring with you to the Registration Tent. Unfortunately, your child will be unable participate without a signed waiver form from their Parent/Guardian.

• There will be a Meeting Point close to the Finish Line for you to collect your child/children once they have finished.

• Participating children should not be allowed leave the Finish Line area without a Parent/Guardian being present - so please make sure you are there when your child crosses the Finish Line.

• We will have a Child Officer on-site to deal with temporarily lost children or any other issues

• All HELL & BACK Junior events take place on vast estates / working farms so please make sure you are fully aware of the risks of Infectious Diseases. If your child experiences any of the symptoms in the days after HELL & BACK Junior, contact your doctor immediately.