At the end of each HELL & BACK, the skips in the dressing rooms are full of gear that participants have discarded because they are filthy. But because much of this gear is perfectly fine, just dirty, we are delighted to work with the charity Tiglin, who provide services to the homeless, and individuals with addiction problems.

As part of this relationship, in both the Male and Female Changing Areas, there will be marked bins for your all unwanted clothing and footwear:

1. A recycling bin for clothing and footwear that can be reused if they are washed by an industrial cleaner; or
2. A rubbish bin for anything that you just want to dump because it is torn / broken / useless.

In 2017, approximately 400 pairs of runners, and several sacks of clothing were donated to the homeless from our events. So before dumping your gear, please take a minute to consider if it could be recycled, and if so, put it in a Tiglin recycling bin to be washed.

Thanking you in advance for your support for this very worthwhile initiative!