There is no easy way thru' HELL & BACK...but training definitely helps! 

Below you will find links to training blogs of previous HellRaisers,  as well as dedicated Training Groups you can register for.

The expert trainers at Fitness Bootcamp have everything you need to go from the couch to the finish line.
Click Here to see David's Blog.

Course includes:
- 6 Weeks of Intensive Training 
- Complete Nutrition Overhaul
- Over 20 Locations in Dublin & Kildare

A good training program isn't complete without the right nutrition.
Make sure you get every nutriment you need for your muscle to support you over the obstacle.

Head over to expert nutrition sites like Kinectica

and get every thing you need for your started pack delivered to your door.

Picking the right outfit is always important, whatever the situation.
To help pick up the right gear such as shoe-wear, gloves, and shirts, head over to your local outdoors shop such as 53 Degrees North and ask the experts!
The important thing to remember is that Killruddery is a working farm so any kind of adhesive tape is not permitted on the course, as it may harm the animals.

And finally, a good support network is always the best way to be ready. If you would like to meet more people like you who will be taking, a great place to start is to be a part of our Facebook group, where you can feel free to start a discussion and meet people who are going through the same thing you are.




Link to Sophie's Videos
(Training for H&B)


Link to David's Blog
(Trojan 2016)


Link to Lorraine's Blog
(Trojan 2016



Here is a list of gyms and bootcamps who have developed training classes, specifically for HELL & BACK. If you're interested in joining one of them, simply drop them a line.

Kieran Keenan

087 7914876

South Dublin


David Branagan

085 1862026

Dublin - 10 Locations


Patrick MacKeogh

087 6145063

Dun Laoghaire & Bray


Emmet Rushe

086 0867953

Letterkenny, Co Donegal


Cillian O'Reilly

01 6624672

West Dublin / City Centre


Mark McIntyre

07599 467637

Belfast (Shaw's Bridge)




*Disclaimer: Alive Outside Ltd/HELL & BACK is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses that may occur as a result of taking part in any of the training programmes listed above. Participation in any training programme is undertaken at your own risk. To reduce the risk of injury or illness, please consult your doctor before starting any new, intensive training programme.