As per the Event Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to when signing up, you are entitled to a 50% refund if you cancel your HELL & BACK registration 6 weeks or more before the event . Unfortunately though we cannot issue a refund if you pull out within 6 weeks of the event - but you can appoint a replacement to take your place instead by simply following these instructions

  1. Email your replacement the original Ticket / Confirmation Email. 
  2. On the day, the replacement should present this Ticket to one of our marshals at the Registration Tent and collect the allocated Wristband on your behalf. 
  3. The replacement must read the Event Terms and Conditions and, if happy with them, print & sign their name beside the allocated Wristband Number - and draw a line through your name, indicating you are no longer participating. 
  4. So if you get injured and can no longer take part, you can allocate your place to someone else right up until the event day. 
If the event is SOLD OUT, you may find a buyer for your ticket on the Event Page of our Facebook.
 If you have any queries about this, give us a shout on 01 2147355 or email