On Sunday 6th October, the 1KM 5-7 year old course closes at 11:00, the 3KM 8-12 year old course will close at 13:15 and the 8KM Family/Teen course closes at 16:15. The site will then close down at 17:00 - everyone must be offsite by this time so please make sure you bring all belongings with you.

Please note that, if your kids haven’t made it to certain points on the course by the advertised times, they will be redirected towards the Finish Line via a short cut. For Health & Safety reasons, anyone not finished by the listed times will be removed from the course via buggy. 

In summary:

  • 11:00 1KM 5-7 Year Old Course Closes
  • 13:15 3KM 8-12 Year Old Course Closes
    16:15 8KM Family/Teen/Adult Course Closes
  • 17:00 Site Closes