We're delighted to launch an awesome HELL & BACK 8KM exclusively for Third Level students on Wednesday 2nd Oct 2019! 

Once your university/college has been allocated a start time between 12:30 and 13:30, you must work together with your friends to get over, under, around and through over 80 infamous H&B obstacles over the 8KM course, which includes Devil's Creek, Half Pipe, Tyre Zone, Hell on Earth, Satan's Pit and the new Springboard Bell Jump!.

The cost is €42 per person and includes free H&B Finisher's Tshirt, Personal Accident Cover insurance, hot showers and the unique HELL & BACK atmosphere. 

Spaces are limited and filling up fast - so to register and pay, click on the button below. And if you have any queries, simply call 01 2147355 or email us!

 The closing date for registrations is Fri 23th Sept so make sure you sign up TODAY!!! 


Taking part in this 8KM event is the perfect day out because it hits so many markers for young people:

1. It is a tough PHYSICAL CHALLENGE that can be built in advance into a fitness programme – get fit and stay fit! 
2. H&B is not a race, it’s a challenge with many of obstacles requiring everyone to WORK TOGETHER to complete. Consistently, the best feedback we get from past participants is the satisfaction one feels when helping a less fit person in their group over, under, around or through an obstacle – we don’t leave anyone behind!
3. This event is ideal for FRESHERS - a brilliant way to meet new people and make friends in a unique, fun, outdoors environment. 
4. It is a brilliant TEAM BONDING activity for sports teams.
H&B is the perfect vehicle to RAISE MONEY for your charity of choice – why not use it to raise valuable funds for a local charity or indeed as a college fundraiser?!

H&B course as seen on RTE1’s hugely popular IRELAND'S FITTEST FAMILY TV Show!!!


New for October 2019 is the SPRINGBOARD BELL JUMP!!!

Students that would like to attempt this obstacle MUST be able to swim. For health and safety reasons, everyone must wear a life jacket - these will be provided and checked by the marshal at the obstacle. Students who are not competent swimmers and those who don't want to do it will be able to safely walk around it and continue onto the next obstacle.

Check out the video below of the DEVIL'S CREEK obstacle - and find out what other obstacles are on the regular H&B Course.

NOTE: Any participant not comfortable doing an obstacle can simply walk around it or ask a marshal or fellow participant for assistance. For health and safety reasons, participants must wear a buoyancy aid for the water obstacles.


"Would highly recommend! The atmosphere is great, the people are so helpful and it really doesn't feel like a race...more like "we're all in this together - we can do it!"
Linda Priedniece
"Absolutely loved it! Great teamwork, everybody helps each other - no one will be left behind. Covered in bruises but happy I made it thru!"
Agne Se

If you and your college friends would like to take on this tough, yet extremely rewarding, obstacle course adventure, then sign up today by clicking on the button below. 

And if you have any queries, simply call 01 2147355 Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 or drop us an email if you have any issues!

 The closing date for registration is Fri 20th Sept so make sure you sign up  TODAY!!! 

Can you and your college mates make it thru' HELL & BACK on Wed 2nd Oct?!