HELL & BACK Junior is a fun and exhilarating obstacle course mud run for primary & secondary school kids seeking the ultimate adventure! 


HELL & BACK Junior 1KM/3KM: 3rd October 2021

HELL & BACK TEEN 8KM: 3rd October 2021

Our Junior event is split into two categories:
One course of 1KM for the children aged 5-7 will give your little ones a great sense of adventure and a good way to spend their energy on our obstacle, which have all been deemed safe for this age group.

One course of 3KM for the kids aged 8-12 will push them to challenge themselves as they run through forest path and walk through our swamp. It is a great way to boost their self confidence once they reach the end muddy, but proud!



Giving an entry as a birthday gift and you want something to put in an envelope? 

Our Teen course is the full 8KM.

 This lets the 12 to 16 year olds partake in the full challenge, without feeling like they are lagging behind the adults.
It is a huge confidence boost for the 12 year olds who had only done the 3KM up until now or had only ever done the trek accompanied by their adults. Most teens do the challenge with their friends, which creates a wonderful bonding experience.

8KM Fun for the whole family

The Family challenge lets slightly younger children tackle the full 8KM course. For each 4 children, 1 adult is with them to help them go through, above, under, or around each of our trade marked obstacles. 
It is the perfect way to strengthen family ties and to achieve something that will stay in the memories of your young ones for years to come.
This event is open for children aged 10 and up.

Our Annual Secondary Event this year will take place on Thursday 7th Oct.

If your child is part of a secondary school or if you are a member of faculty, you may be interested to participate to our Secondary School Event.
Last year was a roaring success with kids and teachers going home with big smiles on their faces!

The Kids from 1st to 6th Years Participated and helped each other through our full 8KM course which we open only for them.

For more information about our Secondary School Event, please click here.

All our camps take place on the beautiful Killruddery Estate in Bray.
For a week we will teach your child forest survival skills, kayak, archery, as well let them on a small version of the HELL AND BACK course and many more activities.

Whether you should our Easter, Summer, or Halloween camps, know that we will take good care of your children and offer them such wonderful activities that they will leave us asking for more!

For more information about our camps, please click here.