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calling all Gym instructors and personal trainers!

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Unleash the Adventure: Add H&B to Your Client's Fitness Routine!

Are you looking for a way to spice up your clients' fitness routines and take their training to the next level?


If so, look no further than HELL & BACK, Ireland's ultimate test of physical and mental endurance!


On this page, we'll show you why incorporating HELL & BACK into your training programmes can be a game-changer for both you and your clients!!!

2024 event Details

VENUE:     Killruddery Estate, Bray, Co Wicklow

DATES:     Sat 8th June (13KM or 8KM) or Sat 21st Sept (8KM only)


TIMES:     Start Times available between 09:00 and 15:00


PRICES:     From €59 per person, depending on number of tickets you buy and when you buy them!


FITNESS REQUIRED:     Anyone can finish H&B with the right amount of training and a good positive attitude – some take 2 hours, others take 6!

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Why should your clients do H&B?

HELL & BACK isn't just an event; it's an experience unlike any other.


From adrenaline-pumping obstacles to breathtaking landscapes, it's a journey of self-discovery and triumph. Suitable for all fitness levels, HELL & BACK offers a challenge that pushes boundaries and fosters camaraderie among participants.


By adding HELL & BACK to your clients' fitness routines, you're not just providing a workout – you're offering an opportunity for growth, both physically and mentally.

Benefits of Incorporating H&B into Your Training Programmes:

  • Boosted Motivation: HELL & BACK serves as a powerful motivator for your clients. The goal of completing the event can inspire them to push harder in their workouts and stay committed to their fitness journey.

  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Offering a specific 6-week training programme for HELL & BACK can skyrocket your clients' interest levels. The shared goal of conquering the event fosters a sense of community and strengthens your relationship with your clients.

  • Physical and Mental Resilience: The challenges presented by HELL & BACK – both in training and on the course – build resilience and mental toughness. Your clients will emerge from the experience stronger, both physically and mentally.

  • Opportunity for Adventure: HELL & BACK is the perfect blend of adventure and fitness. Your clients will relish the chance to tackle obstacles inspired by Ireland's Fittest Family TV show and conquer the rugged terrain of Killruddery Estate, including mountains, forests, lakes and bogs!

Testimonial from the Field

Listen to Sean Nolan, the mastermind behind Nolan Health & Fitness in Co Wexford, as he shares his experience of bringing groups of clients to HELL & BACK:

"Each year, I bring a group of between 50 and 80 clients to HELL & BACK because completing the course is a brilliant incentive to get fit and healthy in a fun and social way.


Once I’ve created an attractive client package, which will include a six-week training programme plus registration and bus to HELL & BACK, I work on developing their strength, stamina and endurance, as well as lots of upper body and core exercises to get them in ship-shape for the course.


For many of my clients, the joy and sense of achievement they feel when they cross the Finish Line is overwhelming – and, for me as their fitness coach, I feel a huge amount of pride and satisfaction that they have successfully made it thru’!"

Next steps

Ready to take the plunge and add HELL & BACK to your clients' fitness routines? Here's what you need to do:

If you want to enter a team of between 2 and 20 clientsfor an upcoming HELL & BACK event, click on the relevant link below to register.

TIP: If you choose to pay by the Syndicated Payment option, simply share the team weblink with your clients and they can pay individually for t
heir ticket – you don't need to pay for all the tickets upfront on your card!

•    13KM on Sat 8th June 2024

•    8KM on Sat 8th June 2024

•    8KM on Sat 21st Sept 2024


If you want to enter a team of 21 or more for an upcoming HELL & BACK event, email


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