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prepare  FOR hell


We're delighted to have Fitness Bootcamp onboard as one of our training partners, getting you in shipshape and ready to take on everything HELL & BACK has to throw at you!!!

You can sign up to a Fitness Bootcamp class as an individual or join their dedicated H&B Group who regularly take part in HELL & BACK events - and be part of a team who start and finish the course together.


About Fitness Bootcamp
Fitness Bootcamp was established back in 2010 as an alternative way to keep fit. The company’s goal is to create exciting group workouts using outdoor facilities in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.
Over the past thirteen years, Fitness Bootcamp has grown into a multi-dimensional fitness business that caters for all aspects of outdoor group training, team building, functional corporate workouts and everything in between, whilst also maintaining the company’s core values of combining fitness and nature in an eco-friendly way.
A huge emphasis is placed on the social aspect of classes so individuals find it easy to make new friends and are invited to exclusive member-only group outings – like their upcoming trip to HELL & BACK!
Fitness Bootcamp classes are for everybody and you don't need to have any previous fitness experience to enjoy the workouts. When you come to a FB class, you should feel welcome, enjoy your workouts and in time make lots of new friends from your local area.
Dedicated H&B Group
Fitness Bootcamp have launched a specialised training program for H&B participants who want to join a dedicated group, which will involve training in the lead up to the event, a nutrition plan for you to follow, your event ticket and also some goodies, t-shirts and access to FB’s social club. 

Ideal for first timers or for those looking for that group camaraderie and team experience, the FB instructors will be with you every step of the way - and will make sure no person gets left behind!

You can also get in touch for corporate packages, which will get you and your work colleagues ready for this unique H&B team building experience!
For more info,
email Dave in Fitness Bootcamp.

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