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Fitness Bootcamp participants enjoy outdoor training session, gearing up for the ultimate adventure challenge


prepare  FOR hell

Outdoor Training

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We're thrilled to welcome back Fitness Bootcamp as one of our esteemed training partners, dedicated to getting you in prime shape for conquering everything HELL & BACK throws your way!!!

Fitness Bootcamp classes cater to individuals of all fitness levels, emphasising inclusivity and a welcoming atmosphere where newcomers can feel comfortable and supported.


About Fitness Bootcamp
Established in 2010, Fitness Bootcamp provides an innovative approach to fitness, prioritising outdoor workouts in an environmentally conscious manner.


With over thirteen years of experience, the company has evolved into a comprehensive business empire, offering outdoor group training, corporate workouts and fostering a sense of community and connection with nature.


Social interaction is a key component of Fitness Bootcamp classes, ensuring individuals not only achieve their fitness goals but also forge new friendships and participate in exclusive group outings, including the upcoming HELL & BACK event.
Dedicated Summer Training Camps
For H&B participants seeking specialised training and support, Fitness Bootcamp offers a tailored program, including outdoor training, nutritional guidance, hikes and adventure trips.


Ideal for newcomers or those desiring a sense of teamwork, Fitness Bootcamp instructors provide dedicated support to ensure every participant feels included and supported throughout their journey.

Corporate packages are also available, providing companies and their employees with an opportunity for unique team-building experiences at HELL & BACK.
For further details, contact the team at Fitness Bootcamps 
by clicking here.

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