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Are you interested in bringing a group of your charity's supporters to HELL & BACK to raise vital funds for a specific cause?!

In 2023, the average amount raised by charities doing HELL & BACK via the Enthuse platform was €2,611 - so why not use this unique, fun, Irish event to make a significant contribution to your charity.

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how to get started

  1. Make sure your charity is registered and listed on Enthuse.
    2. Register your charity group for HELL & BACK by emailing us on
    3. We will send you a link to share on your charity's website and social media.
    4. Your fundraisers click on the link to register and pay.
    5. They choose your charity from the dropdown to create a unique H&B fundraising page.
    6. The earlier you register your charity group with us, the cheaper the tickets we can offer you!

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HELL & BACK FOR individuals

HELL & BACK lends itself really well to any fundraising drive so, if you have a worthy cause in mind, why not sign up and raise funds for them?

Getting yourself setup couldn’t be easier. Simply register for H&B, choose the charity you want to raise funds for from the drop-down menu, and Enthuse, our Official Online Fundraising Partner, will automatically create a fundraising page for you!

If you've already registered for H&B, simply visit the official fundraising platform to choose the cause you'd like to support and get your H&B fundraising page set up immediately!!!

If you are a fundraiser looking for a fun event to raise money, then click here for more info.

official fundraising partner



If you don't fancy taking part this time around, you can still raise money for your favourite charity or sports club.

All you need to do is sign up 10 or more volunteer marshals aged 18+ to work at HELL & BACK. Roles available include Course Marshals, Customer Service Staff & Registration Supervisors.
There are a LIMITED NUMBER of marshal spaces available so email us today and we will explain the volunteer process to you!

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