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H&B Junior Operations Update (18/05/2024)

We're really looking forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) to HELL & BACK Junior this Saturday in Killruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow.

As well as running through Killruddery's stunning natural obstacles, including forests, meadows and streams, we've also built a number of cool obstacles, especially for the kids - so they are guaranteed to have one HELL of a Time! And don't worry, if your child is not comfortable with ANY OBSTACLE, they can simply walk around it...please let them know this!

Please read all the information below before Saturday and give yourselves plenty of time to get parked, sign in & collect your child's wristband - we recommend at least 45-60 minutes before your allocated Start Time.

While you can run alongside your child for the first 1KM, for health & safety reasons, large parts of the course are not accessible to parents/spectators so grab a coffee and cheer the children on when they return!

Motivator at HELL & BACK Junior Start Line


The forecast for Saturday is mixed - so we recommend that you expect the worst and be prepared for rain. Remember that Killruddery is a working farm so both you and your child(ren) should also dress appropriately as you could be walking around mucky farming fields!


Check your start time (or that of a friend) by clicking here and entering either the email address you registered with (recommended) or your surname...once your child is listed on this page, we will find your details at the Registration Tent so don't panic, we will get you registered!


The event takes place in Killruddery Estate, Southern Cross Road, Bray, Co Wicklow - click here for a Google Maps link.

Saturdays in Bray and the surrounding areas is a very busy day - so expect delays on all approach roads to Killruddery, including the M50 and M11 southbound from Dublin. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive safely, park and collect your child's wristband at the Registration Tent - at least 45-60 minutes before your allocated start time.


Due to extensive construction at the Main Gate into Killruddery, we are alternating between three car parks on Saturday. Please follow instructions on the large Digital Signs on Southern Cross Road for the correct Car Park.


Car Parking Plan - Sat 18th May 2024-compressed
Download PDF • 723KB


You must collect and sign for your child's Wristband in the Registration Tent at the Site Entrance before they can start. Anyone who arrives after their allocated Collection Time may be removed from the event without refund. Click for Start Time Checker.

We use a digital registration process so everyone registers together in the same place - simply queue and go the the next available marshal.


To help speed things up, please bring the ticket you were sent when you originally signed up or the unique QR code you get on the Start Time Checker when you enter your email address.

IMPORTANT: Remember to enter the email address originally used to sign up - it may therefore be your work or partner's email!

Your child's Wristband will have their unique Participant Number and Wave Colour printed on it. Make sure you IMMEDIATELY fasten it securely to their wrist as they must show the wristband to take part. No Wristband = No Taking Part!

For safety, there is also space on the wristband for you to write your mobile number, in the unlikely event that your child gets lost.

And don't worry, we should still be able to find your registration if you have none of the above, provided your booking is showing on the Start Time Checker!

Group of girls going down Slide at HELL & BACK Junior


IMPORTANT: One adult must sign an electronic consent form for each child when they arrive onsite. Once signed, our registration staff will then give each child a numbered wristband, which will allow them take part. So, if you are not traveling to Killruddery, make sure you are aware of the Terms & Conditions of Participation (link below) and have an adult who will accept them on your behalf.

No child will be able to take part without an adult agreeing to the T&Cs on their behalf.

1. HnB Consent Form 2024 - FOR APP (All Ages)
Download PDF • 129KB


For groups of 10 or more children, we will be in touch with the Group Leader over the coming days re: the digital the Group Leader should make their way to the Registration Fast Track lane to collect the wristbands for their entire group of 10+ children.


At registration, all participant children will receive an exclusive H&B Junior Neck Scarf that they can wear with pride on the course!

Exclusive Red Hell & Back Junior Neck Scarf


As well as the above Neck Scarf, Flahavans will be giving a complimentary flapjack to each participant on Saturday. Please note that some of the flavours may contain nuts.

Flahavans Irish Oaty Flapjacks


Once through registration, you are in the Event Village, where you can grab a coffee, snack or buy H&B Junior merchandise. The Start Line is only a short walk away so you can wait there until your child's starting group (sorted by colour) is invited into the Holding Pen at the Start Line, approx. 5 minutes before their allocated start time.


Pick up an exclusive H&B Junior T-shirt (red version below - black also available!) before or after your child's run at the H&B Shop in the Event Village for just €10.

Please note that the H&B Junior Shop is cash-free so credit card only.

Red H&B Junior Tshirt


Located in Hell's Kitchen this Saturday will be the following food vendors - stop off and enjoy some delicious grub while you wait for the little ones to finish the course!

  • The Divine Foodie

  • The Little Bean

  • Teddy's Ice Cream

  • The Crepe Box



Your child's health and safety is an absolute priority for us - and the Order of Malta will be onsite for the day to treat any cuts or bruises that may occur. Please make sure you get any injury treated by the trained First Aid staff in the Order of Malta ambulance at the Finish Line before you leave the site.

There will also be a Refill water station at the Finish Line so make sure your child rehydrates.

Remember that Killruddery is a working farm and we don't want anyone picking up a nasty infection so:

  • if you notice any open cuts or wounds, get them treated by Order of Malta ASAP;

  • use the Sanitation Station at the Finish Line;

  • get everyone to wash their hands thoroughly before eating/drinking; and

  • wash your child – and their clothes - thoroughly when you get home.

For more information about the potential risks from events located in farms, click here.


Please note that for Health & Safety reasons (the water is too cold!), this H&B Junior event does not contain any water or swimming obstacles - but rest assured that we will have lots of other brilliantly hellish obstacles on the course instead!


There are 8 x Start Times on Saturday from 09:30 to 11:50. It should take an average child between 30 and 60 minutes to complete the 3KM course, so please be at the Finish Line to meet your child, as detailed below.

If your child is up for it, they can do multiple laps until the course closes at 13:15. (The option to do a second lap closes at 12:30.)


If you are bringing Supporters, remind them that Killruddery is a working farm and they should dress appropriately for all weather conditions - we recommend wellies & waterproofs just to be sure!

For health & safety reasons, spectators can only walk along a limited section of the course - but remember that your child will be running and you may not be able to keep up with them! We recommend therefore that you watch them complete the first few obstacles/1KM...and then grab coffee/food etc in Event Village as you wait for them at the Finish Line to return.

4 children trying to get up the Ramp at H&B Junior


When onsite, please familiarise yourself with the Finish Line, which is after the iconic Half Pipe obstacle from Ireland's Fittest Family TV show! You must return to the Finish Line to collect your child when they complete the course.

For security reasons, children are not allowed out of the Finish Line Area without an adult present - so please do not leave your child waiting!


Your child may like to do a second (or, if very keen, a third!) lap but, as mentioned above, they will be unable to do so without an adult's permission.

If your child wants to go again, you should collect them at the Finish Line and walk with them to the nearby Start Area, confirm with the marshal there that you consent to them doing a second lap and let them off!

Repeat if they want to do a third lap etc.


The course will shut at 13:15 on Saturday so children in the last wave (Wave 10 @ 11:50) have 1 hour 25 minutes to complete the course. The second lap option will close at 12:30 so all children who want to do another lap must be through the Start Line by then.

Please note that, if your child hasn't made it to certain points by a specified time, they will be redirected towards the Finish Line via a shortcut. For Health & Safety reasons, anyone not finished by the specified Finish Times will be removed from the course by buggy.

The site will then close at 14:00 so please make sure you bring all belongings with you when you leave.


If you would like to read the Frequently Asked Questions about H&B Junior, click here.

See you all on Saturday!

The Alive Outside Team

Children escaping from a swamp at H&B Junior


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