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VENUE:     Killruddery Estate, Bray, Co Wicklow

DATES:     Sat 8th June (13KM or 8KM) or Sat 21st Sept (8KM only)


TIMES:     Start Times available between 09:00 and 15:00


PRICES:     From €59 per person, depending on number of tickets you buy and when you buy them!


FITNESS REQUIRED:     Anyone can finish H&B with the right amount of training and a good positive attitude – some take 2 hours, others take 6!


300 Irish Life employees took part in H&B as a staff fundraiser for Down Syndrome Ireland. The event was a phenomenal success, both as a team building exercise but also as a fundraiser as we managed to raise €117,000 for our Charity Partner. And 200 staff enjoyed the challenge so much, they did H&B again two years later!

We’d highly recommend HELL & BACK as a corporate fundraiser and team building activity because it is suitable for all fitness levels – and we look forward to taking on another hellish challenge in the near future


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10 reasons for your company to do H&B!

HELL & BACK is a one-of-a-kind obstacle course, unlike anything else in the Irish corporate team building market, so here are 10 reasons for your team to sign up!

Shared Challenge

Overcoming the 80+ natural and man-made obstacles on the stunning Killruddery course creates a shared experience that fosters camaraderie. When team members face challenges together, it strengthens bonds and builds a sense of unity – so take on Ireland’s Toughest Physical & Mental Endurance Challenge and see if your team can make it thru’!


Negotiating obstacles requires effective communication among team members. Whether it's strategising how best to tackle an obstacle or providing encouragement to teammates, your communication skills will be regularly tested and developed on the H&B course.


Many obstacles require teammates to rely on each other for support - whether helping each other over 10 foot walls, crossing treacherous balance beams or manoeuvring your way through a stinking, sticky swamp. Trust is essential to successfully complete these obstacles, fostering trust and reliance on one another.

Problem Solving

The H&B course will present a variety of physical challenges that will require quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Your team must adapt to unexpected obstacles and work together to find solutions, promoting teamwork and innovation.

Motivation and Support

Encouraging your teammates to push through both fatigue and the pain barrier will create a supportive environment where individuals feel motivated to perform at their best. This support system will strengthen your team dynamics and morale when you get back to the office.

Not a Race, it’s a Challenge

Even though the course is tough, anyone can finish it with the right amount of training and a good positive attitude. It’s not a race, it’s a challenge that you do in your own time with some HellRaisers taking 2 hours to complete and others 6 hours - so perfect for employees of all ages and fitness levels!

Celebration of Achievement

Crossing the finish line together after conquering everything the H&B course has to throw at you will instil a sense of accomplishment and pride among the team. Celebrating this shared success reinforces team spirit and unity.

Team Meetup

With so many changes to workplace practices after the pandemic, what better way to get a group of employees together to meet each other face-to-face than taking part together in a unique, fun challenge!

Corporate Social Responsibility

If your company has an established Charity Partner, why not get a group of employees to take part in H&B and fundraise on their behalf?!

Employee Health & Fitness

Encourage your staff to get outdoors in the stunning Wicklow countryside, which will improve their physical fitness and mental health.

Next steps

If you want to enter a team of between 2 and 20 employees for an upcoming HELL & BACK event, click on the relevant link below to register.

TIP: If you choose to pay by the Syndicated Payment option, simply share the team weblink with your colleagues and they can pay individually for t
heir ticket – you don't need to pay for all the tickets upfront on your card!

•    13KM on Sat 8th June 2024

•    8KM on Sat 8th June 2024

•    8KM on Sat 21st Sept 2024


If you want to enter a team of 21 or more for an upcoming HELL & BACK event, email

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CHAMPIONS of Industry!

Here are some of the leading Irish companies who have recently used HELL & BACK as the ultimate team building day out!

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