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H&B @ Dawn Operations Update (18/05/2024)

Welcome to the HELL & BACK @ Dawn!

We are delighted to welcome you this Saturday to our Adventure Centre in Killruddery, where 500 of you will take on HELL & BACK @ Dawn challenge!

This is a unique, social instructor-led event that starts in the dark at 05:00, where you'll experience spectacular views of the sun rising over Dublin Bay from the top of the Little Sugar Loaf!

Everyone will be divided by speed/fitness and put into a group of approx. 30 people who will then be taken by an instructor out onto the HELL & BACK course, firstly for a brisk warm-up and then to start your hellish adventure!

Remember that this is not like a regular HELL & BACK Run, where you set your own pace. This is fun, paced run that is led by an instructor and where groups of approx. 30 people of a similar fitness and speed work together to make it through the 7KM course. So if you are looking for a tough, competitive Hell Run, this event is not for you!

The groups though will be pretty fluid - so you can move up if you want to go faster or drop down if you want to go at a more steady pace. In all cases, you will be met with a friendly smile and lots of encouragement from our team of instructors. Don't forget that this is a fun, social run so there will be a number of stopping points on the route for the group to reassemble and rehydrate.

As well as the many stunning natural sights and sounds that Killruddery has to offer, including hills, forests and swamps, you must also take on some of our infamous HELL & BACK obstacles, including Hell on Earth, Tyre Zone, Heartbreak Ridge, Satan's Pit and finishing on the iconic Half Pipe, as seen on Ireland's Fittest Family TV Show!

Please read all the information below before Saturday and give yourselves plenty of time to get parked, sign in and drop your car keys/mobile into the Secure Valuables store - the site will open at 04:30 so please make sure you arrive by 04:45 at the latest.

Finally, even though it is a very early start, try to get a few hours sleep and have eat something before you arrive in Killruddery because it is going to be challenging!

See you all bright and breezy on Saturday!

The Alive Outside Team

Crawl Net at H&B @ Dawn


The forecast for Saturday is mixed - so we recommend that you expect the worst and be prepared for rain. FOOTWEAR IS VERY IMPORTANT! Trail runners are the best for grip in muddy conditions, while astro boots also work well. We strongly advise you NOT TO WEAR runners, as the reduced grip may increase your risk of injury. Studs, cleats, blades and spikes are not permitted.


Check your start time (or that of a friend) by clicking here and entering either the email address you registered with (recommended) or your surname...once you are listed on this page, we will find your details at the Registration Tent so don't panic, we will get you registered!


You can park for free at the entrance to the Alive Outside Adventure Centre - click here for Google Map directions. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive safely, park, register and drop your car keys/mobile into the Secure Valuable Drop - at least 30 minutes before your allocated start time.


Female on Balance Beams at H&B @ Dawn


You must sign in at the Registration Tent before you can start. Anyone who arrives after 04:45 may be removed from the event without refund. Click for Start Time Checker.

We use a digital registration process so everyone registers together in the same place - simply queue and go the the next available marshal.


To help speed things up, please bring the ticket you were sent when you originally signed up or the unique QR code you get on the Start Time Checker when you enter your email address.

IMPORTANT: Remember to enter the email address originally used to sign up - it may therefore be your work or partner's email!

And don't worry, we should still be able to find your registration if you have none of the above, provided your booking is showing on the Start Time Checker!


You must sign an electronic consent form when you arrive onsite. For speed and efficiency, make sure you are aware of these Terms & Conditions of Participation (link below) in advance of arriving.

No-one will be able to take part without agreeing to these T&Cs.

1. HnB Consent Form 2024 - FOR APP (All Ages)
Download PDF • 129KB


For groups of 10, we will be in touch with the Group Leader over the coming days re: the digital the Group Leader should make their way to the Registration Fast Track lane to collect the wristbands for their entire group of 10+.


While it is too late to apply for a transfer, if you cannot take part this Saturday, you can still get someone to replace you. They just need to collect your Wristband at the Registration Tent but then sign & print their own name. Our marshals will be able to help you out if you have any issues on the day.


Click here to read our suggestions on what to wear...and, just as importantly, what NOT to wear!

Footwear is very important! Trail runners are the best for grip in muddy conditions, while astro boots also work well. We strongly advise you not to wear runners, as the reduced grip may increase your risk of injury. Studs, cleats, blades and spikes are not permitted.

And make sure you triple know your laces so your footwar doesn't get stuck in the mud!


We strongly recommend that you either arrive ready to go or change into your running gear at your car - and then store your kit bag there as, at this time of year, there are limited changing facilites onsite in Killruddery.

We have a Secure Valuable Drop for small items, including car keys, wallets, phones etc - but we don't have the space for large kit bags so you're better off leaving them in the car.

We also suggest that, post run, you change into your clean, dry, warm clothes back at the car.

Guy Leaping on Finish Ramp at H&B @ Dawn


Once through registration, there will be a Secure Valuable Drop to leave your car keys / mobile - please store the rest of your gear in your car etc. And, if you are participating with a friend, share one valuable bag between the two of you for speed and efficiency.


Please note that for Health & Safety reasons (the water is too cold!), this H&B @ Dawn event does not contain any water or swimming obstacles - but rest assured that we will have lots of other brilliantly hellish obstacles on the course for you instead!


Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, there is no access for Spectators on Saturday. Considering the early morning start and current underfoot conditions in Killruddery, your supporters will thank you in the long run!


We expect the average person to take 2 hours to complete the 7KM course so your instructor will aim to have your group back in Basecamp by 07:00. For slower groups, the cut off time is 07:30 so everyone will have 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the course.

Please note that, if you don't made it to certain points by a specified time, you will be redirected towards the Finish Line via a shortcut. For Health & Safety reasons, anyone not finished by 07:30 will be removed from the course by buggy.

The site will then close at 08:00 so please make sure you bring all belongings with you when you leave. You are free then to head home, hopefully having experienced a unique and invigorating morning run!


We have joined forces with New Dimensions Active to inspire individuals to push beyond their perceived limitations. By combining cutting-edge fitness apparel with the ultimate test of endurance, we aim to empower participants to conquer their fears and unlock their full potential. Click here to find out more!

New Dimensions Active and Hell & Back Clothing Collaboration


Your health and safety is an absolute priority for us - and the Order of Malta will be onsite for the day to treat any cuts or bruises that may occur. Please make sure you get any injury treated by the trained First Aid staff in the Order of Malta ambulance at the Finish Line before you leave the site.

Regarding hydration, there will be a water station halfway around the course while there will also be a Refill water station at the Finish Line so make sure you keep yourself rehydrated throughout.

Remember that Killruddery is a working farm and we don't want anyone picking up a nasty infection so:

  • if you notice any open cuts or wounds, speak with a marshal to get them treated ASAP;

  • use the Sanitation Station at the Finish Line;

  • wash your hands thoroughly before eating/drinking; and

  • wash yourself – and your clothes - thoroughly when you get home.

For more information about the potential risks from events located in farms, click here.

Post run, if you experience any of the symptoms detailed above for infectious diseases, contact your doctor immediately.


All participants have paid for Personal Accident Cover, which may include benefits in the event of you incurring an injury on the course. Click here for more info.


After you finish, make sure you collect your exclusive H&B Finisher's Tshirt that you can wear with pride forevermore!

H&B @ Dawn Finisher Tshirt


As well as the above Finisher's Tshirt, Flahavans will be giving a complimentary flapjack to each participant on Saturday. Please note that some of the flavours may contain nuts.

Flahavans Irish Oaty Flapjacks


Perform Nutrition will be onsite on Saturday sampling their range of protein products to participants so make sure you grab one when you finish!

Perform Nutrition Logo


Everyone will meet back at the Basecamp where we will be serving light refreshments for all participants - plus you can pick up your exclusive Finisher's Tshirt!


If you would like to read the Frequently Asked Questions for H&B @ Dawn, click here.

Pipe Crawl at H&B @ Dawn


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