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Ireland's toughest Physical & Mental challenge

Dare to take on HELL & BACK, Ireland’s ultimate test of grit and resilience!


Crafted by our elite team of outdoor aficionados, this is not any auld challenge - it’s an epic showdown designed to stretch your limits in both body and mind.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Killruddery Estate, this 8KM adventure takes place in early autumn where you'll be treated to spectacular views of Dublin Bay from the heights of Little Sugar Loaf mountain. 


The 8KM course masterfully melds brutal man-made obstacles with the wild, untamed terrains of Killruddery - think raging rivers, rugged mountains, treacherous bogs and dense forests - creating an adrenaline-pumping gauntlet that’s sure to haunt your dreams!

Suitable for the brave at heart aged 16 and older.


Step up if you dare!

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the ultimate adventure

HELL & BACK 8KM, set for Saturday 21st September 2024, presents a challenging off-road trek through custom-built trails and rugged mountain terrain.

Prepare to navigate Killruddery’s breathtaking landscape, moving over, under, around and through a series of stunning natural barriers, including bogs, hills, forests, swamps and rivers, as well as conquering HELL & BACK's notorious man-made obstacles, such as Heartbreak Ridge, Water Jump, Splashdown Slide, Pontoon Mania, Ice Baths, Hell on Earth and the Tyre Zone.

Rally your friends, family, work colleagues or sports team for the ultimate Irish outdoor adventure!

    H&B Junior is a 3KM obstacle run for national school children aged 8-12 held at the Alive Outside Adventure Centre in Killruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow a few times per year.
    The 3KM course is suitable for kids aged 8-12. For insurance reasons, children who are 7 and under will not be able to register or take part.
    No. Our Adult H&B events are usually on separate days to H&B Junior, which has been specifically designed for children. For Health & Safety reasons, parents are only able to run alongside their children for a limited section of the course (just try and keep up with them!) so we recommend you watch them start and do the first few obstacles, before grabbing a coffee and bite to eat before meeting them at the Finish Line.
  •  Can I help my child around the course?
    While adults won't be able to physically get in and help their child, there will be spectator areas along the course, allowing parents to follow their child's progress as a spectator, encouraging them as they go. Unfortunately, for health & safety reasons, some parts of the course are not accessible to parents/spectators so you can grab a coffee and to wait for the children to return.
  •  What type of challenges should my child expect?
    As Ireland's Toughest Physical and Mental Endurance Challenge for Kids, H&B Junior will consist of fun, yet challenging, obstacles in a safe and secure outdoor environment. For H&B Junior events that take place from June to September, there will be some water obstacles where swimming with a bouyance aid is required. All courses will require your kids to negotiate their way over, under, through and around a number of natural and man-made obstacles, before crossing the Finish Line... muddy but very happy! And, as with all H&B events, if your child does not want to do a particular obstacle, they can simply walk around it - no problem!!!
  •  Can I register a team / more than one child?
    If you have more than one child interested in taking part, you can register a Team and reserve up to 50 places. The hassle-free and easiest way to sign up a group of children is to choose the Syndicated Payments option, allowing you email the other parents a web link where they can pay their portion of the registration fee. Please note that the link will last a maximum of 7 days so any unpaid for places after this are automatically released. So if you reserve 25 spaces and, after 7 days only 21 are paid for, the remaining 4 places are automatically deleted. Email if you have any issues registering a large group of children.
  •  Can we use HELL & BACK Junior as a fundraiser?
    Yes, by all means! As with the adult version, HELL & BACK Junior is a brilliant platform to raise funds for your favourite cause, whether that is a charity, sports clubs, kindergarten etc. Telling family and friends that you are taking part in Ireland's Toughest Physical & Mental Endurance Challenge for Kids is a guaranteed way for you to secure funds from prospective donors and sponsors. For sponsorship forms and other marketing material, click here.
  •  Can I switch Wave Start Times after registering?
    Unfortunately, due to the large volumes of children taking part, it may not be possible to change Wave Start Times once you have registered your child. Email us though at with your child's name, current wave start time and preferred wave start time and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Your registration is secured upon completion of the online purchase. Tickets are non refundable, but can be transferred to another participant in the event your child cannot attend. Please forward your ticket to the person taking your place, and make sure they let us know they are making a name change at the registration tent on the day.
  • What should my child wear?
    There is no need to go out and buy new clothes especially for H&B Junior! Instead, we recommend: - Old, worn clothes that you don't mind getting dirty; - A baselayer, such as Under Armour, in case it is cold! - Old, securely tightened runners that won't come off in the muck; no velcro runners as they come off easily. - A warm change of clothes (hoody / tracksuit bottoms) that your child can wear after they finish.
  • Can we bring Supporters?
    Yes - there is free entry for spectators to come along to H&B Junior so bring family and friends to cheer your child on as they try to make it thru' hell! Please note that there is a car parking fee with limited space available so car pool where possible.
  • Will there be Photographers?
    Yes - we will have official photographers at HELL & BACK Junior taking action photos of those taking part, as well as spectators, which we then post onto our H&B Junior Facebook page and website gallery. We may also use some of these images for promotional material (brochures, posters, web ads etc) in the future. By allowing you child take part in HELL & BACK Junior, and by accepting the Terms & Conditions, you consent to photographs of your child being used in the future. If you have any issues about Image Rights etc, please get in touch with us by email on
  • Why do I need to sign a waiver for my Child?
    HELL & BACK Junior is Ireland's Toughest Physical & Mental Endurance Challenge for Kids and, as with all obstacle runs, there are risks associated when participating. At the Registration Tent, a Parent/Guardian will be asked to sign a Digital Consent Form for each child participating. By signing the Consent Form, the Parent/Guardian is agreeing that Alive Outside, the event organiser, is not liable for any personal injury or any other accident that may cause injury to their child. In case of injury or illness to their child, the Parent/Guardian is also consenting to emergency transportation and the administration of first aid and medical treatment. Unfortunately, your child will be unable participate without a signed Digital Consent Form from a Parent/Guardian. Please note that, for Teams of 10+, we will be in touch with the Group Leader in advance regarding an Online Consent Form. If all parents fill in the form before H&B Junior, the team will be able to collect their wristbands from the Fast Lane at registration. Email us for more details. (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR TEAMS OF 10 OR MORE CHILDREN.)
  • What about Insurance?
    Every child participating in H&B Junior is covered under Alive Outside's Personal Accident Cover policy. The policy, which is underwritten by AIG Ireland, provides various benefits, including €1,500 Medical Expenses per person for injuries sustained while participating. This is a very brief synopsis of the cover provided and does not form the basis of our contract with AIG. For a full synopsis of the cover provided or if you have any queries, please email .
  • Will there be medics / emergency facilities available?
    Yes - we take your child's Health & Safety very seriously and will have a dedicated Order of Malta unit on hand to deal with any injuries that might occur on the day. As well as a foot patrol team, the Order of Malta will provide an Ambulance to tend to all injuries, plus to provide emergency transportation to hospital is required. All our events take place on a working farm or in venues where there is livestock so make sure you are fully aware of the risks of Infectious Diseases. If your child experiences any of the symptoms in the days after HELL & BACK Junior, contact your doctor immediately. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT INFECTIOUS DISEASES
  • What other on-site facilities will be available?
    HELL & BACK Junior events include a small Hell's Kitchen Food Village, where you can buy a coffee and treats, as well as the H&B Merchandising Shop, where you can buy branded H&B t-shirts etc.
  • Will there be Changing Facilities?
    Very limited - remember that Killruddery is a working farm! We recommend that children arrive dressed and ready to take part. You should also pack a change of clothes and footwear to prevent your car getting too mucky on the way home! Make sure your child has a shower when they get home and all their clothes are washed thoroughly to remove any potential nasty farm infections.
  • Is there Parking available?
    Yes - you can purchase a pre-paid Car Parking Pass as part of your online registration. Alternatively you will be able to pay at cash at the gate on the day. Please note there is limited space available so car pool where possible.
  •  What if it's raining?
    Celebrate! If it is raining, the course will be muckier and there will be more fun for your child! HELL & BACK Junior is an all-weather event so please prepare for all weather conditions. Make sure you bring a change of warm clothes for your child to change into afterwards, especially if it is mucky and wet.
  • What if my child has a medical issue?
    HELL & BACK Junior is Ireland's Toughest Physical & Mental Endurance Challenge for Kids. Participants need to be of a suitable physical condition to be able to take part. We strongly recommend that parents/guardians with health-related concerns about their child taking part visit their local GP for a health check-up before participating to make sure that HELL & BACK Junior is appropriate for them.
  • Will we have fun?
    Absolutely! With lots of things to do on-site, HELL & BACK Junior is guaranteed to be a fantastic family day out, for both spectators and participants!!!
  • What does my child get for completing H&B Junior?
    Aside from the excitement and sense of achievement your kids will get for completing HELL & BACK Junior, all participants will receive an exclusive H&B Junior neck scarf at the Finish Line. Also our photographers will be taking photos of the little HellRaisers throughout the course, which you will find on our Facebook Junior page in the days after the event.
  • Can I buy H&B Junior Merchandise?
    Yes - we will have a range of H&B Junior merchandise available in our Shop on the day, including exclusive t-shirts and neck scarfs. Stocks are limited so get there early so as not to miss out.
  • Are there H&B Junior Terms & Conditions?
    Yes - you can read all about our T&Cs by clicking here.
H&B September asset.jpg
What to wear

• Trial runners are best (better grip in muddy conditions)
• Astro boots also work well
• We strongly advise you do not wear normal runners or any other footwear, as the reduced grip will increase your risk of injury
• Studs, cleats, blades & spikes are NOT PERMITTED

• Fingerless cycling gloves are best, full finger gloves will get water logged

• Base Layer – compression top
• Top Layer – Technical t-shirt (optional)
• Wear long sleeves to help protect your arms at crawl obstacles
• Avoid cotton materials!!

• Compression leggings are recommended to help protect legs when crawling.
• Avoid flimsy material that may rip or tear.

Duct Tape, Electrical Tape & Cable Ties are not allowed on your shoes as they come off too easily and thus become a danger to the livestock on the farm. Make sure you TRIPLE KNOT your laces instead.


In a collaboration born from shared values of resilience and tenacity, New Dimensions Active and HELL & BACK have joined forces to inspire individuals to push beyond their perceived limitations.

By combining cutting-edge fitness apparel with the ultimate test of endurance, we aim to empower participants to conquer their fears and unlock their full potential.



adult prices

8KM​ - Saturday 21st September 2024


Price Level

Satan's Special



TEAMS (4-20 Participants)

Price Level

Satan's Special



groups (21+ Participants)

Price Level

Satan's Special



All prices include: 

- Mandatory €6 Personal Accident Insurance Fee

- Exclusive HELL & BACK Finisher's T-Shirt


Optional Extras (available on Registration Form):

- Car Parking @ €9 in advance / €10 on the day
- DART Shuttle Bus

Optional Extras (available Onsite):

- HELL & BACK Merchandise, including Hoodies, Vintage Finisher's T-shirts, Neck Scarves & Gloves



- Free Entry for Spectators
- Timing Chips are not available - this is a challenge, not a race!

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