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This is an instructor-led paced 7KM run in the depths of winter so, as well as HELL & BACK's dreaded obstacles, including Hell on Earth, Tyre Zone, Heartbreak Ridge and Satan's Pit, participants will have to deal with whatever wild Wicklow weather conditions are thrown at them...there could be rain, wind, sleet or even snow!

Course type: ALL TERRAIN. Ages 16+.

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7km through STEEP HILLS

HELL & BACK Winter 7KM is a gruelling off-road course along man-made trail runs and mountain paths. You'll have to progress over, under, around and through all of Killruddery's stunning natural obstacles, including bogs, hills, forests, swamps and rivers, as well as our infamous HELL & BACK obstacles, including Hell on Earth, Tyre Zone, Heartbreak Ridge, Satan's Pit, Devil's Creek and the iconic Half Pipe, as seen on Ireland's Fittest Family TV Show!



While there is no swimming required, Entrenched is back so you get ready to get down and dirty on all fours through the murky streams and drains of Killruddery!

the devil is in the details

Join us on Sat 18th and Sun 19th Feb 2023 at Kilruddery Estate, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

With start times of 09:00 (Sat only) and 13:00 (Sat & Sun), you'll see spectacular views over Dublin Bay from the top of the Little Sugar Loaf! An invigorating way to start the weekend. Runners are put into groups of approx. 30 people, based on the pace they want to run at (fast, medium, slow). There will be a number of stopping points on the 7KM route for the slower members to catch up and the group to reassemble!


Parking for H&B @ Winter is free - you park onsite in Killruddery at the entrance to the Alive Outside Activity Centre. 

Important Info:

Please note there are only a limited number of spaces available for this instructor-led run so register now to avoid disappointment! The registration fee includes: 

- HELL & BACK Instructor leading your group around the 7KM course
- Mandatory €6 Personal Accident Insurance Fee
- Complimentary H&B Gift for after you finish
- Free Parking in Main Killruddery Car Park
- Secure Drop Off for your Car Keys etc
- Post-Run Light Refreshments (hot drink, biscuits in Corporate Area)

Please note:
- Unfortunately there is no access for Spectators
- Timing Chips are not available - this is a challenge, not a race!

Start Time Checker

You must register at either 08:15 (Sat only) or 12:15 (Sat & Sun) at the entrance to the Alive Outside Activity Centre - everyone will then start at 09:00 (Sat only) or 13:00 (Sat & Sun). Find out all you need to know about your registation via our Start Time Checker

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