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H&B June 13/8KM Operations Update (08/06/2024)

Are you ready for the ultimate test? Brace yourselves, because the countdown has begun for our most epic HELL & BACK of the year!

With only a few days to go, it's time to face the ultimate challenge. Whether you're tackling the 13KM or 8KM course, prepare to conquer the brutal, energy-draining inferno we've crafted in the breathtaking Killruddery Estate...expect plenty of blood, sweat, and tears!

We're going to push you to your absolute limits. Not only will you be navigating Killruddery's stunning natural obstacles - think hills, bogs, swamps, and forests - but you'll also have to make your way over, under, around and through some truly awesome man-made challenges.

Get ready for the Ice Baths, Heartbreak Ridge, Valley of Pain, Satan's Pit, Electric Shocks and Splashzone, all leading up to the grand finale: the one and only Halfpipe Ramp, made famous by Ireland's Fittest Family TV show.

Ice Baths at HELL & BACK

Please read all the information below before Saturday and give yourselves plenty of time to get parked, sign in and register and drop your car keys/mobile into the Secure Valuables Drop - the site is open from 07:40 so please make sure you arrive at the Registration Tent at least 45-60 minutes before your allocated start time.

As administration for the event is now closed, we can no longer facilitate wave changes. If you have any late queries, please check our Frequently Asked Questions as your answer is more than likely there.


Finally, as it will be a long day where you will use lots of energy, make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat a hearty breakfast before you head for Killruddery. And give yourself plenty of time to get parked, sign in & collect your wristband, warm up and familiarise yourself with the site.


Apart from that, just be prepared for severe physical pain and lots of mental torture!!!


Looking forward to see you all on Saturday!

The Alive Outside Team

Fitness Bootcamp Warmup Team at HELL & BACK


This is HELL & BACK – so brace yourself for a tough challenge. You should be able to complete a minimum 8KM route with obstacles in approx. 2.5 hours. Your health and safety is our top priority, so if you have any doubts about your fitness, especially on a warm day, this might not be the event for you.

The Order of Malta will be onsite for the day to treat any cuts or bruises that may occur. As well as a First Aid Centre in the Lambing Shed beside the showers, there will be a doctor, 7 ambulances and a team of 40 Order of Malta staff onsite looking after all of us so make sure you get any injury treated immediately by one of the many trained First Aid staff.


Regarding hydration, on the 13KM course, you'll find water stations at the 5KM and 10KM marks, while the 8KM course has them at 2KM and 5KM. There will also be a Refill water station at the Finish Line so, no matter the weather, ensure you're well-hydrated before you set off and keep yourself hydrated throughout the run.

Remember that Killruddery is a working farm and we don't want anyone picking up a nasty infection so:

  • if you notice any open cuts or wounds, get them treated by the Order of Malta ASAP;

  • use the Sanitation Station at the Finish Line;

  • go around the Electric Shocks if you’ve metal in your body;

  • wash your hands thoroughly before eating/drinking; and

  • wash yourself – and your clothes - thoroughly when you get home.

Hot showers are also available in the Lambing Shed so use them when you finish to wash the first layer of muck off - you'll need to wash off layers 2, 3 and 4 when you get home!

We will also have a drone in operation on Saturday to allow us get a quick overview of the site to determine if there are any Health & Safety or Operational issues that need addressing.

For more information about the potential risks from events located in farms, click here.

Post run, if you experience any of the symptoms detailed above for infectious diseases, contact your doctor immediately.

Taking the Pledge at HELL & BACK


Saturday's forecast is a mixed bag with patches of sunshine and showers and temperatures on the cooler side for this time of year, hovering between 11 and 14 degrees. Keep an eye on Met Eireann for weather updates and dress accordingly.


FOOTWEAR IS VERY IMPORTANT! Trail runners are the best for grip in muddy conditions, while astro boots also work well. We strongly advise you NOT TO WEAR runners, as the reduced grip may increase your risk of injury. Studs, cleats, blades and spikes are not permitted.


Check your start time (or that of a friend) by clicking here and entering either the email address you registered with (recommended) or your surname...once you are listed on this page, we will find your details at the Registration Tent so don't panic, we will get you registered!


With 2,000 cars arriving throughout the day, it's essential to plan your transportation wisely. To ensure a smooth and organised experience for all participants, we have devised a comprehensive car parking plan that will alternate between two car parks throughout the day:

  1. IDA Business Park on Southern Cross Road; and

  2. Grass Fields in Killruddery

Please follow the Visual Display Signs on your approach to Killruddery for your designated car park, have patience (it will be very busy!), and obey the instructions of our car parking attendants who will guide you to an available space.

In the spirit of eco-friendliness and maximising space, please carpool wherever possible. Sharing a ride not only reduces traffic congestion but also minimizes our carbon footprint.

Arrive and park at least 45-60 minutes before your allocated start time to allow you register, drop your car keys into the Secure Valuable Drop in the Lambing Shed and familiarise yourself with all the facilities and services in the Event Village before you start on your H&B adventure. 

Cargo Net Crawl at HELL & BACK


In line with our sustainability goals, a Shuttle Bus service will run from Bray DART Station to the IDA Car Park on Southern Cross Road, a 10-15 minute walk from the Registration Tent. Tickets were prepaid with your registation, but a limited number of seats are available on the day @ €10 return per person.



Collect and sign for your Wristband at the Registration Tent (site entrance) at least 30 minutes before your Wave Start Time. Since the car park is a 10-15 minute walk, aim to arrive onsite 45-60 minutes before your start time. Late arrivals may be removed from the event without a refund. Click here for Start Time Checker.

Our registration process is digital, so everyone must pass through the Registration Tent. Simply queue and go to the next available marshal. To speed things up, please bring the ticket you were sent when you originally signed up or the unique QR code you get on the Start Time Checker when you enter your email address.

IMPORTANT: Remember to enter the email address originally used to sign up -

it may therefore be your work or partner's email!

And don't worry, we should still be able to find your registration if you have none of the above, provided your booking is showing on the Start Time Checker!

Your Wristband, with your unique Participant Number and Wave Colour, must be fastened securely to your wrist immediately. You’ll need it to enter the Start Area and to collect your exclusive H&B T-shirt at the Finish Line. No Wristband = No Run & No T-Shirt!

We provide a Secure Valuables Area for your car keys, mobile phone, wallet, etc. Allow yourself enough time to drop them off and pick them up afterwards.


You must sign an electronic consent form when you arrive onsite. For speed and efficiency, make sure you are aware of these Terms & Conditions of Participation (link below) in advance of arriving.

No-one will be able to take part without agreeing to these T&Cs.

1. HnB Consent Form 2024 - FOR APP (All Ages)
Download PDF • 129KB


There is a Fast Track option for Groups with 10 or more people and we have already reached out to the Group Leaders - if you have a group of 10 or more and havent already been in touch with us about Fast Lane, email ASAP and we will try to accommodate you.


While it is too late to apply for a transfer, if you cannot take part this Saturday, you can still get someone to replace you. They just need to collect your Wristband at the Registration Tent but then sign & print their own name. Our marshals will be able to help you out if you have any issues on the day.


Optimum Nutrition is the world’s number 1 sports nutrition brand, part of the Glanbia Performance Nutrition brand family and the official nutritional partner of McLaren, Leinster Rugby, Gaelic Players Association...and now HELL & BACK!

Offering a comprehensive range of sports and fitness supplements designed to support you before, during and after HELL & BACK, you'll be able to sample some of Optimum Nutrition's products at the Finish Line on Saturday - or click here to order your exclusive HELL & BACK sports nutrition bundle today (available until Sun 16th June).

Click here to read more about our new partnership with Optimum Nutrition.

Optimum Nutrition at HELL & BACK


Click here to read our suggestions on what to wear...and, just as importantly, what NOT to wear!

Footwear is very important! Trail runners are the best for grip in muddy conditions, while astro boots also work well. We strongly advise you not to wear runners, as the reduced grip may increase your risk of injury. Studs, cleats, blades and spikes are not permitted.

And make sure you triple know your laces so your footwar doesn't get stuck in the mud!


Once you've registered, head into Hell’s Kitchen to grab a coffee, a snack, or any last-minute essentials from the New Dimensions Shop.

Further on in the Lambing Shed, through the small wood, you'll find the Secure Valuables Drop (for small items, including car keys, wallets, phones etc), Changing Rooms, First Aid Centre and Warm Showers.

If you conquer the course, you'll collect your exclusive "I Made It Thru' HELL & BACK" t-shirt at the Finish Line. Ensure your Wristband is securely fastened before you start, as you'll need to show it to get your t-shirt at the end.

Event Village Map at HELL & BACK


At the bottom of the Event Village, through the small wood, is the Lambing Shed, where you'll find the Secure Valuables Drop for small items, including car keys, wallets, phones etc. You can leave your kit bag with a change of clothes in the unmanned Changing Rooms - please make sure you do leave any valuables in the Secure Valuable Drop.


On Saturday, for the first time ever, we will have Irish Sign Language (ISL) Interpreters on our events team, marking a significant step forward towards inclusivity and accessibility at HELL & BACK.

From 13:20 until the last wave at 15:30 (waves 12-18), there will be two trained Irish Sign Language Interpreters working as part of our warmup team to ensure effective communication for participants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Irish Sign Language Intrepreturers at HELL & BACK


You won't want to miss the Warm Up at the Start Line, brought to you by the Fitness Bootcamp team, who provide training camps all across Dublin, Kildare and Meath - nor the unique H&B Group Pledge, which we guarantee will get you pumped up. Click here for more on Fitness Bootcamps.


For the first time, everyone participating on Saturday, whether you’re tackling the 13KM or 8KM, will be going all the way to the top – yes, the very top! – of Little Sugar Loaf mountain.

At the summit, you’ll face an obstacle called the Bell Ring, offering breathtaking views of Dublin Bay – though you might not be in any fit state to enjoy them!

But don't fret: if you're not comfortable with any obstacle, you can simply walk around it. And for our non-swimmers, the water obstacles are optional, while everyone who takes them on must wear a buoyancy aid.

Bell Ring at HELL & BACK


While you can set your own pace out on the course, H&B is much more fun when you work together and help others to get over all the obstacles. There are no prizes for finishing fast so remember that it's not a race, it's a challenge!

And whatever speed you run at, you'll be met with a friendly smile and lots of encouragement from our team of marshals!


For Health & Safety reasons, there is limited Spectator Access to the course so, if you are bringing spectators, we recommend they cheer you on at the start, grab a coffee and a bite to eat and then wait for you in the Event Village to finish approx. 2.5-4 hours later. Please inform them that they will have a long wait (up to 4 hours) to see you between the start and finish!


One of our most popular obstacles is Splashzone on the Lake in the centre of Killruddery, which consists of the Water Jump, Pontoon Mania and Splashdown Slide.

From a water safety perspective, everyone is fitted with a buoyancy aid when they get in the vicinity of the Lake, while our team of lifeguards patrol both from in the water on kayaks and from the bank. If you are a non-swimmer or don't like water, you obviously don't have to do this section and you will be directed around it.

Specators can walk up to Splashzone - simply follow the signs along the road from the Lambing Shed. Please note that the Lake is in the heart of Killruddery and approx. 15 min walk from the Event Village - so you will need to be quick afterwards if you want to get back and see you cross the Finish Line


We expect the average person to take approx. 2.5 hours to complete the 8KM course so everyone will have plenty of time to complete the course before the 18:30 closing time.

Please note that, if you don't made it to certain points by a specified time, you will be redirected towards the Finish Line via a shortcut. For Health & Safety reasons, anyone not finished by 18:30 will be assisted to the Finish Line by buggy.

The site will then close at 19:00 with the last DART Shuttle Bus also leaving the Southern Cross IDA Car Park at 19:00 so please make sure you bring all belongings with you when you leave.


We have joined forces with New Dimensions Active to inspire individuals to push beyond their perceived limitations. By combining cutting-edge fitness apparel with the ultimate test of endurance, we aim to empower participants to conquer their fears and unlock their full potential. Click here to find out more!

New Dimensions Active and Hell & Back Clothing Collaboration


After you finish, make sure you collect your exclusive H&B Finisher's Tshirt that you can wear with pride forevermore!

Finisher Tshirt at HELL & BACK


As well as the above Finisher's Tshirt, Flahavans will be giving a complimentary flapjack to each participant on Saturday. Please note that some of the flavours may contain nuts.

Flahavans Irish Oaty Flapjacks


If you'd like to overnight beforehand or afterwards, or want to explore Wicklow, then check out the Wicklow Tourism website for more details about the county known as the best of outdoor adventure! Click here for Wicklow Tourism.


All participants have paid for Personal Accident Cover, which may include benefits in the event of you incurring an injury on the course. Visit our the "Insurance" section of our FAQs for more info.


As administration for the event is now closed, we can no longer facilitate wave changes. If you have any late queries, please check our Frequently Asked Questions as your answer is more than likely there.

Half Pipe Slide at HELL & BACK


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